📣 Advertising Can Be A Great, Affordable Way For You To Generate Leads 📈, Test Your MVP 🧪 And Make A Lot Of Sales! 💸
September 11, 2020
🛑 ✋ Controversial post alert! 🚨 

📣 Advertising Can Be A Great, Affordable Way For You To Generate Leads 📈, Test Your MVP 🧪 And Make A Lot Of Sales! 💸

😮 Say whaaaaaat?! 😲

Yup 💁

Advertising (social ads in particular) is getting a *LOT* of flack atm. The online course and coaching community appear to be pedaling the “no ads, nope, never, nuh-uh!” 🙅‍♀️

And yet, in over a decade of working with hundreds of organisations (and over 5 of those years spent running some awesome ad campaigns for blue chips, independents and charitable organisations) with incredible results, I can count the number of companies on one hand that ads did not work for.

In particular, ads are my go-to if I want to get something off the ground quickly, run a seasonal promotion or want feedback fast.

They are a direct-dial to your customers 📞

So, it’s got me wondering, why a whole industry is pedalling the:

“Don’t use ads to grow your audience!”

“Ads aren’t worth the money!”

“It’s too expensive to advertise.”


Well, I’m here to open your minds to the other side of the story and see that you don’t miss out on an opportunity. 

If you know what you’re doing, ads are one of the quickest ways of testing your MVP and messaging, generating brand awareness, leads & sales. 

My top tips for running successful ad campaigns are:


✔️ Have a crystal clear idea of your target audience (or the audience you want to test)
✔️ Create compelling messaging & imagery
✔️ Optimise your landing page
✔️ Ensure you have tracking in place to measure performance & results

✔️ Use sufficient budget - all the major ad platforms give you as estimated spend and results *before* you part with any cash
✔️ Give it time to work! Rome wasn’t built in a day. And whilst I’ve had some bloody fantastic results off the bat, it’s certainly not guaranteed
✔️ Optimise! Change up the creative, copy and landing page ✨


❌ Sack off everything else. They’re not an ‘instead of’, they’re an as well as tactic for building your brand & business. 

Whilst I’m not here to sell you my ad services - I’ve *almost* fully retired 👵 that aspect of my business - I’ll soon be launching a ‘Getting started with ads’ course to help independent businesses & charities get up and running.

Join the community for weekly tips and to find out when it launches 👉 http://jadewicks.podia.com/ 

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